About me

I am a social anthropologist of sorts. I am interested in the socially constructed meanings of community (in)justice, and how to design better systems and infrastructures to support social and environmental justice. I look at affective knowledge practices in the city, science & technology, archaeology, and policy & breakdown. How people ‘know’ in embodied ways, and what they feel is worth keeping (and not) in times of climate change and other disasters is of immediate public concern. I situate my thinking in those ‘more-than-human ecologies’ increasingly at stake.

I am currently affiliated with a Frontrunner project of the Pandemic & Disaster Preparedness Center, an initiative from the Convergence Alliance of Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus Medical Center and Delft University of Technology.

This frontrunner project Towards social and urban resilience for pandemics and disasters (SURE) targets various resilience properties and system dynamics, and start up a Living Lab in Rotterdam South. We look at the conditions under which citizens’ initiatives and forms of community participation arise in response to disasters and pandemics in vulnerable neighbourhoods, and the public infrastructures/governances that are needed to support citizens. The project deals explicitly on urban heat and Covid-19, but also touches upon other disasters such as energy poverty.

Our focus is on the neighbourhoods of Rotterdam South, while we also connect to other living labs, for instance the living lab The Hague South-West. We want to identify and strengthen relevant citizen initiatives, and design an adaptive local public infrastructure for dealing with the social impact of disasters and pandemics.