Image Recognition, Policy and Society

I have researched the development and implementation of image recognition in the city of Rotterdam, together with dr. Rebecca Moody and the Knowledge Platform Urban Big Data in 2021. My angle of arrival is on the intersection of public management, philosophy of organization, science and technology studies, aesthetics, and systems theory.

I am foremost interested in the social-technical dimension of this innovation in a public management organization, and what it means for the city. The political relationships between data science departments, management, operational departments and others are quite interesting for this and upcoming technological developments. There is plenty to learn about how different parts of the organization interface with one another; how these parts relate to the development of artificial intelligence and machine learning; how data efficiency (or a lack thereof) changes how employment of human bodies is done; how an increase in surveillance and control by means of technologies changes the aesthetic of the city; and how image recognition is a ‘string figure’ for data-steered management.